The Myth of the Perfect Candidate

I get so tired of listening to Republicans complaining about the candidates (4 left as of today). Guess what? There is no perfect candidate. Yes, Romney has class envy issues. Gingrich seems to have issues with self control. Santorum seems OK but… who was I talking about? Oh yeah, boring. So where does that leave us? With the candidates we’ve got. Barring divine intervention, one of the 3 I mentioned will be the Republican nominee and will run against 0bama. We go to the election with the candidate we’ve got, not the candidate we wish we had. The press is going to try to rip our candidate to shreds no matter who it is. If we can’t or won’t actively support the eventual nominee, promote him, and vote in solidarity for him in November we’re going to have 4 more years of 0bama. Frankly, I don’t think our Constitutional Republic can survive 4 more years of 0bama and I don’t want to see our country die.