“Hate Chicken”

“Progressives” and libtards are now calling Chick-Fil-A “hate chicken” because their CEO supports traditional marriage. So, I guess according to the usual left wing thugs, if you disagree with them on social, political, or moral issues that makes you a “hater.” Well… “progressives” not only disagree with many (most) of the institutions our Republic was founded on and many (most) of our Judeo-Christian traditions, they constantly belittle, berate, and demonize them. Does that not mean that they hate those institutions and traditions? I mean it’s not like they “just” disagree… And, if Libtards hate the institutions our country and traditions our country was founded on (limited government, self-reliance, rule of law, etc), isn’t it fair to say that they HATE OUR COUNTRY? I think it is, and I think it’s way past time to start throwing their accusations of hatred back in their face. Because the truth is that “progressives” are the hate-mongers in our country, not conservatives. Just look at what they do to those who dare to disagree with them.