Congressional Black Caucus

trump-cbc-sotu It must be really embarrasing right now to be a member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). They all supported Obama for two terms. They all sang his praises for eight straight years. What did those two terms of the first Black President get them? Not squat. Well, unless you count increased racial division, race riots, high black on black crime rates, high unemployment which was aided and abetted by Obama’s policy of virtual amnesty for illegal aliens, and possibly the most corrupt Attorney General in the history of the US…

Oh, and forcing people to buy health care they may not have wanted, his famous pronouncement that “those jobs aren’t coming back,” and mocking Trump for saying they would. You know something about “What’s he gonna do? Wave a magic wand?” Well, maybe Trump does have a magic wand…

State of the Union for Blacks, 2018

While running for President, Trump promised to do more for Blacks in America during his first year in office than Obama had done in the previous eight years. He was mocked by “progressives” for that promise. America after all was in decline, and according to them it was the governments job to manage that decline. Trump was just giving people false hope.

Except he wasn’t. The reason America was in decline was because of policies promoted by so-called progressives. Excessive regulations. High individual taxes. The highest corporate tax rate (by a LOT) of almost every country on the planet. So what did Trump do? The President cut regulations – a lot of regulations. He got Congress to pass one of the biggest tax cut and reform bills in the history of our Republic. He promoted policies that cut illegal immigration – by a lot.

Results? The unemployment rate for Blacks (and also Hispanics) is at the lowest level it’s been since government started tracking unemployment. Reaction from the CBC? Unfortunately, the CBC’s reaction was predictable. After all, they’re leftists first.

Congressional Black Caucus Reactions to Trump’s SOTU

The reaction of the CBC to Trump’s SOTU was predictable. It should also be embarrassing. Here is a President who delivered on his promise to improve the lives of Black Americans. Lower taxes means more take home pay. Lowest Black unemployment in recorded US history.

So how did the CBC react? They just sat there on their ungrateful butts when President Trump announced the low unemployment rate for Blacks. Even worse, some (a lot) of them had scowls on their faces, as if they somehow disapproved of this good news. Why would they act that way? Is it because higher Black employment means less Blacks dependent on government? Are they pissed that a white guy did more for Blacks in just one year than Obama did in eight? Are they bitter that the so-called progressive policies they seem to love so much are a proven failure? I’m anxious to know…

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