Why do communists hate religion so much?

Why do communists hate religion so much? It’s an interesting question. Communists, after all, claim to be champions of “true” freedom, so why would they care what anyone chooses to believe? I know that Marx called religion the “opiate of the masses,” but why does one’s personal disdain for religion require that no one else believe it either? It’s not a small thing to communists either. If you click on the graphic, you’ll see a more detailed view of what I’m talking about. Also, it’s a fact that in every single communist country in the history of the planet, religion has been either banned outright or severely restricted? Why? Any devout communist will tell you that God doesn’t exist, so what is it to them if you believe in something that only “exists” in your mind? If God really isn’t real, then believing in God would be no “worse” than believing in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. Why then do communists hate religion so much that they feature anti-religious images in their art, and ban organized religion when they take over a country?

Why communists hate religion…

If you look at communism as an ideology, it becomes easier to see why communists hate religion so much. Communism isn’t just an economic theory, it’s an ideology that seeks to control every aspect of one’s life. Not just actions, but words and even thoughts. Step out of line and the State will punish you. In the former Soviet Union they sent dissidents to the gulags. Cuba has their political prisons. Step out of line in North Korea and you might get blown up by an anti-aircraft gun or face an even worse fate. Even trying to leave a communist country is considered a crime, often punishable by death. Why?

If communism is so wonderful, why would people living under it risk prison or worse for simply not agreeing with the State about the “benefits” of communism? Why would they risk getting shot in the back to escape such a glorious “worker’s paradise”? Because in fact the only people who benefit from communism are the lazy and the members of the ruling party. Instead of providing a “worker’s paradise,” communism results in a worker’s hell, with the working class reduced to being slaves to the State. But how does religion tie into that? How can a person’s belief in something the communists claim doesn’t exist be such a threat to the State that religious thought has to be wiped out?

Religion is a direct threat to the communist

In order for a communist state to exist, the State must be acknowledge as the highest authority. By definition, a belief in God is a belief in an authority higher than the State. It probably also involves belief in certain principles that are against the principles espoused by communists. For example, the sanctity of human life. Human individuality. Freedom of conscience. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. All of which are taught by religion (at least the Christian church I go to), and all anathema to communists, who demand absolute loyalty and subjugation. This, I believe, is why communists hate religion so much.

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