Prepper Comms…

Besides talking to someone face to face, you can communicate by phone, radio, snail mail, or over the internet. Snail mail is slow and sometimes gets lost on the way. Phones (esp. cell phones) and the internet rely on infrastructure that you can’t control and can be shut off whenever on someone’s whim. Radio OTOH can only be jammed. Because of this, I think radio is the best choice next to direct communication.

Assuming radio is the second best choice, what radio should you get? There are lots of choices, which one is the best for a prepper? That depends on a few things. Radios fall into several types. Some radios require a license to operate legally. Range depends on frequency, output power, antenna type and size, and quality of the radio. I really believe the “best” radio for a prepper is one that operates on the amateur bands, i.e. Ham Radio. The only downside is a license is required to legally operate on the Ham Radio bands.

Since some preppers don’t have and won’t get an amateur radio license, I want to talk about unlicensed radio use. Radios that can be legally operated without a license include Citizens Band (CB), Family Radio Service (FRS), and Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS) radios.

CB radio is legally limited to 4 watts of transmitter output power, which is plenty for local communication if you have a good antenna. In my area, almost no one is using CB, so the band is pretty much wide open (other locations might not have it so good). Some CB radios can also operate in Single Sideband (SSB) mode, which increases the legal transmitting power to 12 watts and has other characteristics that increase the range of a CB in SSB mode over one operating in standard (AM) mode. In my oppinion, the only currently available CB radios worth considering are the Uniden Bearcat 980SSB and the and the Midland 75-822. The 980SSB is a mobile unit that can be set up as a base station if you have a 12V DC power supply. It can operat in both AM and SSB modes, and can also receive NOAA Weather Alert frequencies, which is a nice feature. It doesn’t suffer from frequency drift like the SSB CB from Galaxy. The 75-822 is a hand-held unit (walkie talkie) that can also receive the NOAA weather channels. Range with the “rubber duckie” antenna sucks, but still better than the Uniden PRO401 (which I also have). It only operates in AM mode (no SSB), but there is an available car power adapter and tuned roof mount antenna, so it can also be used as a mobile CB. Assuming a good antenna and maximum legal power output (4W), the range of a CB radio operating in AM mode can be up to 10 miles and possibly more. CB radio has 40 channels allocated. By regulation, Channel 9 is reserved for emergency communications, and by convention SSB is generally used only on Channels 16 and 36 – 40.

FRS radios are legally limited to 500mw output. They also operate on UHF between 462 and 467 MHz, so they’re basically line of site. That means if there is anything (a hill, lots of trees, buildings, etc) between you and the person you’re trying to talk to, you might not probably won’t be able to communicate. Some makers advertise a range of “up to 36 miles,” but that is under ideal conditions – like mountain top to mountain top with nothing in between. Real life performance is more like 1/2 to 1 mile. FRS has 14 channels allocated, 7 of which are shared with the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) band.

MURS radios operate on VHF between 151 – 154 MHz and are legally limited to 2 watts of transmitting power. Only a few companies make MURS transceivers, so they tend to be more expensive than CB or FRS radios. The frequencies they operate on work better in rural terrain than FRS radios but not quite as good as CB. On the other hand, MURS radios operate using frequency modulation (FM) which is more immune to radio noise than CB radio, so the range can be as good as CB in spite of the lower transmitting power. MURS has 5 channels allocated.

For unlicensed 2 way radio, my choice is CB. The band is pretty much unused in my area, so there is almost no interference. I also like the potentially longer range and that there are 40 available channels instead of just 5 or 14.

“Hate Chicken”

“Progressives” and libtards are now calling Chick-Fil-A “hate chicken” because their CEO supports traditional marriage. So, I guess according to the usual left wing thugs, if you disagree with them on social, political, or moral issues that makes you a “hater.” Well… “progressives” not only disagree with many (most) of the institutions our Republic was founded on and many (most) of our Judeo-Christian traditions, they constantly belittle, berate, and demonize them. Does that not mean that they hate those institutions and traditions? I mean it’s not like they “just” disagree… And, if Libtards hate the institutions our country and traditions our country was founded on (limited government, self-reliance, rule of law, etc), isn’t it fair to say that they HATE OUR COUNTRY? I think it is, and I think it’s way past time to start throwing their accusations of hatred back in their face. Because the truth is that “progressives” are the hate-mongers in our country, not conservatives. Just look at what they do to those who dare to disagree with them.

The Myth of the Perfect Candidate

I get so tired of listening to Republicans complaining about the candidates (4 left as of today). Guess what? There is no perfect candidate. Yes, Romney has class envy issues. Gingrich seems to have issues with self control. Santorum seems OK but… who was I talking about? Oh yeah, boring. So where does that leave us? With the candidates we’ve got. Barring divine intervention, one of the 3 I mentioned will be the Republican nominee and will run against 0bama. We go to the election with the candidate we’ve got, not the candidate we wish we had. The press is going to try to rip our candidate to shreds no matter who it is. If we can’t or won’t actively support the eventual nominee, promote him, and vote in solidarity for him in November we’re going to have 4 more years of 0bama. Frankly, I don’t think our Constitutional Republic can survive 4 more years of 0bama and I don’t want to see our country die.

Harry Reid, Racist

Harry Reid proves once and for all he’s a racist. First it was his comments about Obama being “light skinned” and “without a negro dialect.” OK, maybe you could write that off as stupidity or being inarticulate… This week though, Prince Harry really sticks his foot in it… “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.” Hmmm… why not, Senator? The only reason I can figure is that Reid thinks Hispanics are too dumb to succeed in this country without big government programs and handouts. Doesn’t that make Harry a racist? In my book it does. He must also feel that all (or at least the vast majority of) Hispanics have the same political views. If so, such racial stereotyping is another indication of the Senator’s racism. Personally, I don’t see how a person of any race could not be insulted by the Democrats’ constant pandering to race and “identity” politics. The United States, with our free market economy, offers more opportunity to people of all races than any other country on the planet – that’s why so many people from all over the world want to come here. I believe that people of all races have the intelligence, work ethic, and ability to succeed in the USA. Harry and the rest of the Dems seem to believe otherwise.

Hispanic Crackers

Who says you have to be white to be a Cracker? Certainly not me. A group of American Patriots (who happen to be Hispanic) has come out in support of Arizona’s new immigration law. The Arizona Latino Republican Association will become the first Hispanic organization in the country to actively oppose the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against the state of Arizona’s new immigration law. In doing so, they are not only supporting the State of Arizona’s right (and duty) to protect its citizens; they’re standing firmly in defense of Rule of Law, the principle on which our entire legal system is built. It’s also a principle which has been under attack by left wing whackos in the past, and recently even by members of the Obama regime(i.e. Eric Holder and the Dept. of “Just Us”). Of course, all the various libtard groups will denounce them as “traitors to their race” or worse, so it took a lot of political courage to come out against the Feds law suit. For that, I applaud and admire the Arizona Latino Republican Association and welcome them to Cracker Nation.


The NAACP wants to make California taxpayers pay for a state shrine to Michael Jackson? WTF is up with that??? Sure he was a popular singer, but so what? Not that I think that taxpayers should be forced to bear the cost of erecting monuments to those the Black Nationalist movement deems worthy, but if the NAACP wants to force taxpayers to pay for something like that then Jimmy Hendrix, Otis Redding, and many others would be a much better choice than a pedophile who spent a lot of money trying to expunge his, uhmm, non-Cracker looks.

A Black Patriot

Katrina Pierson has a piece on that does a great job of dressing down the NAACP and explaining why they’re irrelevant. Given certain Black Nationalist’s expressed desire to kill people who disagree with them, the fact that over 90% of Blacks continue to support Obama and his agenda, and Ms. Pierson’s status as a member of the Black community, I think it took a lot of courage for her to speak out. In my book, that qualifies her as a true Patriot and a heroine. Ms. Pierson, your words give me hope for this country and I thank you for them.

Great Moments in Multi-Culturism

devout muslim motherThis is what happens when a society allows the cancer of multi-culturism to spread. This happened in Canada, but with progressives working so hard to destroy U.S.A. culture it could happen here too. Especially since our non-Cracker POtuS president is so hostile to the values (Judeo-Christian included) and institutions our country was founded on.

You know, it just blows me away that some people living here in the U.S.A. with all the liberties and opportunities we have can still find a reason to hate the U.S.A. You know what? If we are so bad, then why not just get the hell out? I mean, there are plenty of other countries that are obviously so much better than the U.S.A. (Belarus, Haiti, Iran, Mexico, North Korea, Somalia, etc), right? Why not just move to one of them? In fact, though I used to be opposed to reparations, now in favor of them, and not just for blacks…

Anyone who feels the U.S.A. and our free market system is unfair, unjust, or in some other way intolerable should qualify. Reparation will consist of $5000 cash (you can live quite well on that in many of the 3rd world countries that so many libtards seem to admire), a one way airline ticket to the country of their choice, and forfeiture of US citizenship. That way they can be happy in whatever socialist paradise they want, and Crackers can be left alone to restore the U.S.A. as the last best hope for Liberty. Sounds like a win-win to me.