Ignorance is bliss?

I’m in the process of joining CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). CERT is a local program under the guidance of US Citizens Corp and FEMA. Because I’m joining, I get emails about upcoming training opportunities. One upcoming class is titled Active Shooter in Public and Private Environments. I work at a public college, so I thought my boss might be interested in attending. He wasn’t, no big deal. What I thought was kind of a big deal was his response:

“That’s not our job, that’s what the police are for. So many people in our department are wanna-be cops.”

Huh? Excuse me? I’m not a wanna-be cop, and I have absolutely zero interest in trying to be a hero in an active shooter situation. I do, though, have a huge interest in surviving an active shooter situation if I’m ever in one. I probably never will be, but there was one in Las Vegas last month, and one in my city just 2 days ago.

According to the flyer I got, the class applies to volunteers, students and employees of other private and public workplace domains. Wouldn’t that description include employees of a community college?

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