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The NAACP wants to make California taxpayers pay for a state shrine to Michael Jackson? WTF is up with that??? Sure he was a popular singer, but so what? Not that I think that taxpayers should be forced to bear the cost of erecting monuments to those the Black Nationalist movement deems worthy, but if the NAACP wants to force taxpayers to pay for something like that then Jimmy Hendrix, Otis Redding, and many others would be a much better choice than a pedophile who spent a lot of money trying to expunge his, uhmm, non-Cracker looks.

A Black Patriot

Katrina Pierson has a piece on biggovernment.com that does a great job of dressing down the NAACP and explaining why they’re irrelevant. Given certain Black Nationalist’s expressed desire to kill people who disagree with them, the fact that over 90% of Blacks continue to support Obama and his agenda, and Ms. Pierson’s status as a member of the Black community, I think it took a lot of courage for her to speak out. In my book, that qualifies her as a true Patriot and a heroine. Ms. Pierson, your words give me hope for this country and I thank you for them.