Let’s Go Brandon

Worst “President” Ever

Yes, “president” Biden is the worst “president” in US history. He’s arguably the most corrupt, most incompetent, least accomplished, and, well, what can you say about someone who brags about letting little kids sit on his lap and rub his leg hair? Then there are all those pictures of him sniffing underage girls. I think it’s accurate to say that… Biden Loves Minors. So let’s spread the word. I’m currently offering high quality coffee cups and T-shirts emblazoned with the BLM logo, repurposed. Click on the pictures below to go to each products page…

BLM Coffee Cup

High quality, 15 Oz. BLM ceramic coffee cup

BLM T-shirt

High quality, 100% cotton BLM T-shirt

And don’t forget…

Joe Biden Loves Minors

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